Matthew Pablo

Media Credits

Music, Audio Production and Sound Design Credits:

(This page is still under construction. For now I’ve temporarily listed a few my media credits as they are in my resume.)

Video Games:
EverWing” (Facebook Messenger) Blackstorm Labs/Game Closure

“Spirit Run” (iOS, Android) RetroStyle Games

“Magic Heroes” (PC, Mac, iOS) Anawiki Games

“Maximus” (iOS, Android) Mooff Games
“Blackmoor: Durberry’s Quest” (iOS) Mooff Games
“Smash Boys: The Big Fight” (iOS) Mooff Games
“Toon Shooters 2” (iOS, Android, PC) Mooff Games

“Phantasmal: City of Darkness” (PC, Eyemobi Ltd.
Xbox One)

One Thousand Lies” (PC) Keinart Lobre

Neon Hard Corps” (PC) Sergey Dovganovskiy

Meme Run” (Nintendo Wii U, Ninja Pig Studios
Nintendo 3DS)

Special Tactics Online” (iOS, PC) Beast Mode Games LLC

Freeway Fury” (iOS) Vasco Freitas

n-Dimensions” (PC) Vasco Freitas

“Emergency Landing Disaster” (iOS) DMT Source

Cloud Spin” (iOS) Skytrain Studios

Micromon” (iOS) Pocket Trend

“Don’t Look Back” Hikarian Animations
“Match Maker” Hikarian Animations
“Little Merry Ego” Hikarian Animations
“Tales of Zale” (Series) Hikarian Animations

“Stickman Can’t Fight” (Series) Guitan Productions -Present
“The Look in Her Eyes” Brandon Tilghman Productions

“Beast” Fiona Hsieh Productions

“Rose for Annabelle” Amber Ren Productions

“The Art of Krump” Prefixe, Ltd.

“Touching Sound: The Technika
Documentary” Nicholas Dobkin

“Come Out and Race” Autobahn Indoor Speedway

“Emerge” Stockholm Film School

“When Marmite Ruined Christmas” Marmite Food Extract Co.

“GameClosure SDK Trailer” Game Closure

Other Media Productions:
Opening Performance for the Alta kulturskole &
Finnmarksløpet World Dog Borealis Vinterfestivalen
Sledding Championship